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Get the Real Benefits of Virtual Call Center to Connect Better with Customers

Virtual Call Centers benefit from Cloud Technology with Result-Oriented Features

The virtual call center from CallCenterHosting is well-designed to deal with every inbound and outbound call center need that makes it a complete solution. Every business communication can be turned into a promising prospect if it is done based on the insights coming data analytics.

With the virtual call centers from CallCenterHosting, that is a customer-centric platform for the agents to make real connections with the customers. The cloud-hosted virtual call center outstandingly addresses the needs of every customer for starting a new as well as ongoing business communication.

Virtual call centers equipped with various features such as hosted IVR, automatic call distribution (ACD) and skill-based routing, call queue monitoring, call recording, and CRM integration that help in making it a successful end-to-end communication platform.

In addition to this, virtual call centers support remote workers. An agent can work from anywhere without experiencing any interruption.
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Cloud Supported Virtual Call Center With Unique Features

Smart Call Distribution

Call Routing to the agents is done based on agent skills, and it utilizes the availability of the agents, efficiently.

Real-Time Monitoring

Real-Time monitoring of the ongoing calls makes sure you have every detail related to the calls and productivity of the agents.

Instant Reports and Analytics

With the help of instant reports and analytics involved, you can easily track the agent performance and total call center productivity.

User-Friendly Interface

The virtual call center interface is so user-friendly that it does not need any training to make full use of the software.

Predictive and Auto Dialing

Predictive Dialer and Auto Dialer make sure you don’t miss out on a promising lead and also assure a steady customer base.

Interactive Voice Response

IVR has become the most intelligent self-help tool in recent times and responds intuitively with the support of cloud.

Smooth Integration

Our call center software is easily compatible with all the leading operating systems and devices and also supports various applications.

Highly Secure

The virtual call center solution is highly secure because it is hosted on advanced data centers that take every essential security measure.

Benefits Of Virtual Call Center

Agent Preparedness

Virtual call center comes with the necessary tools and features that help the agents prepare for the customer queries. With the help of cloud technology, virtual call centers help the agents to take informed decisions while doing customer support. They also increase the possibility of turning leads into customers.

Easy Deployment

Virtual call centers are easy to install, and you just need to have a computer, a headset, a steady internet connection, and you are good to go. It is equally easy for remote workers who can access the portal from anywhere without experiencing any hassle.

Geographically Independent

Virtual call centers work totally independent of geographies. Once the agent login is created, it can be accessed from anywhere. With this feature, it becomes an even more versatile solution to address the global needs of call centers looking for better performance and productivity.

Customer Satisfaction

The result-oriented features make it a complete solution to tackle with the impatient customers, and ensure a much better satisfaction level. Virtual call centers make sure that the agents should not miss out on any crucial customer information while making communication.

Increased Security

Cloud-based virtual call centers take all the security measures that ensure a safekeeping from any kind of security breach. The virtual call center is hosted on the safest data centers that are well-advanced in every way possible to make it a safe interface for the users.

Improved Productivity

With highly efficient agents and streamlined processes, virtual call centers lead to much higher productivity and make it highly likely to achieve improved agent performance. An interface well-equipped with advanced features that leverage every communication with customers.

Why Choose CallCenterHosting?


HD Voice

CallCenterHosting always assures its customers for delivering an HD Voice quality for every kind of communication.



Get 24x7 support from the experts ensures that you will face the least bit of problems while using our services.



Our pricing model is the best in the industry and our clients vouch for it and also we do not charge anything for customer support.


Business Application

Our call center software easily is highly compatible with the various business applications that enhance its profitability many folds.