Blended Call Center

Blended Call Center Solutions for Every
Inbound and Outbound Calling Need

Bring In The Best Ways For Active Call Blending Through A Single Interface

Optimize all incoming and outgoing calls for seamless customer experience.

Blended call centers make the most out of every incoming and outgoing call. Best possibility to convert a simple customer communication into a promising lead depends on how quickly an agent responds with an appropriate solution.

In a blended call center, inbound calls are routed to the available agents and the outbound calling list is automatically dialed by the dialer. Additionally, it can switch outbound agents to inbound agents if the call volume is high and, moreover inbound agents can be switched to outbound agents during slow periods. So, you can blend your calls between inbound and outbound agents effectively.

Blended call centers give a unified approach towards making a connection with the customers by utilizing every touchpoint. Blended call centers impact on the customer satisfaction level and boost the call center productivity.

Deploying inbound and outbound calls through a single interface brings a lot of efficiency to the customer service environment, and it is an advanced approach in making customer connections efficiently.
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Give Your Call Center The Benefits Of Call Blending

Automatic Call Distribution (ACD)

ACD ensures that your agent availability is utilized to the fullest. You can also customize your call routing strategies as per the availability of agents.

Call Recording

Call recording features help in revisiting all the previous customer calls. It gives several insights into improving the overall customer support process.

DNC Call Management

The outbound call center manages the do not call (DNC) list to make sure that your customer outreach should not waste time and resources on useless numbers.

Customizable Campaigns

You can customize your campaigns as per the need of your business and the customer base. You can customize it anytime to get better results.

Ring Strategies

You can make ring groups and also customize ringing strategies as per the number of agents. You can change these ringing strategies any time you like.

Real-Time Reports

You get all the call related reports in real-time to evaluate and track every call activity. It also helps in measuring the call center productivity.

Interactive Voice Response (IVR)

We provide multi-level IVRs that further give you a self-help tool to attend your customers immediately with result-oriented options.

Ongoing Call Monitoring

There are several options like call monitor, whisper and barge that help the call center manager to improve the quality of communication with customers.

Skill-Based Routing

Skill-based routing ensures that the customers should get the most skillful agent for their respective issues for immediate solutions.

Agent-Performance Report

You can measure the performance of your agents with the help of intensive reports provided by the portal and guide them towards better performance.

Call Conferencing

It allows many participants on a single call to bring team members on a single page for purposeful discussions. You can also integrate IVRs to add more callers.

Why Do You Need Blended Call Center?

On-Demand Scaling

Your business may demand time to time scaling of resources, and for the same reason, the technical solutions demand to scale. Moreover, it becomes much easier to scale with a blended call center because resources can be interchanged between inbound and outbound anytime.

High Productivity

Blended call centers help in tapping a high productivity level by utilizing the agent-availability to the fullest. Blended call centers easily switch between inbound and outbound agents as per the call volume demands and availability of agents.

Benefits of Cloud

The blended call center works based on cloud technology, and that increases its usability many folds. Cloud makes the call blending process highly effective, and it also brings easy scalability and flexibility to the call center process.

Remote Agents Management

Cloud-based blended call centers work smoothly with remote agents. So, any agent available at a remote location if logs in the portal can easily execute the customer support process. The manager can also track and analyze the performance of the remote agents.

Comprehensive Reporting

Blended call center also provides comprehensive reporting about every ongoing call center process and about the agent performances. These insights from the data help improve the call center process with powerful results.

Workforce Optimization

The blended call center provides intensive reports that further help in optimizing the workforce by deploying agents efficiently. You can also strategize your customer service process by analyzing individual agent performance and taking steps accordingly.

Powerful Features

When it comes to communicating with the customer, it becomes far more essential to get the best possible efficiency in the least time invested. A one-way approach gives an option to tackle the customer call volume with an efficient approach.

Workload Distribution

With the blend of inbound and outbound calls distribution, you get the overall workload distributed in the available agents. With the help of the quick shuffle between the inbound and outbound calls, you get much higher productivity for your call center.

Cost Reduction

There is no installation cost involved in the setup. With the help of efficient routing of the calls, the idle time of the agents is reduced, significantly. A single agent handling both the inbound as well as outbound calls helps in cost reduction significantly.

Why Choose CallCenterHosting?

Blended call center support

24x7 Support

CallCenterHosting provides 24x7 support to ensure its customers that everything they do should be smooth and glitch-free. We provide pre and post-sales support.

blended call center portal

Well-Designed Portal

The monitoring and reporting features of the portal make the process more promising in terms of better connection with the customers through better agent deployment.

Result-Oriented Features

Our blended call centers are well designed to shift the call demands as per the need. Features like IVR, skill-based routing, call monitoring, call queues expedite the customer service process.

blended call center cost effectiveness


The solutions from CallCenterHosting are very cost effective in terms of delivering the best cloud-hosted solutions with business-oriented features that deliver powerful results.