Understanding Cloud Architecture
And Its Need In Todays’ World

Get the hang of cloud architecture before you move your business to Cloud

Many businesses that are availing the benefit of cloud in one way or another. And every business is looking for opportunities to shift to cloud and leverage the unprecedented benefits of cloud technology. So, it is equally necessary to understand the overall cloud architecture to get a thorough understanding of cloud infrastructure to a certain level.

This whitepaper explains various aspects of cloud architecture and gives explanations for various technical terms that surface up in the book of cloud architecture.

Once you complete reading this white paper, you will get to understand about-

  • The concept of cloud architecture
  • Benefits of cloud architecture
  • Challenges of cloud infrastructure
  • Various aspects while designing the cloud architecture
  • How to avoid the possibility of failure in developing a cloud infrastructure
  • Data storage and its durability
  • Glossary of technical terms in cloud architecture
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